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Ladies and gentlemen!

We do our best to make you feel comfortable and to give you memorable experience during our Tour.
In general, our tours have break-even policy in prices. Sometimes prices can be higher than prices on familiar resorts, sometimes lower. But you must understand that our tours are not typical, it’s a real expedition! And it’s much more expensive to fly on the helicopter, than on the air plane which has the same route every day. Everything depends on the distance and complexity of the route...

Staritsa’s caves

An expedition to Staritsa’s caves
Tverskaya region

The tangled under-earth labyrinths are surrounded with ancient and modern legends. In March you can find in the caves ice stalactites, which are formed only in this time of the year.

(Price for one person: 9 800 rub.)


Altitude 611

"Altitude – 611"
Primorsky region, Russia
On January, 29 in 1986 close to a small town Dalnegorsk in Primorsky region, Russia there was observed a night bolide in the form of a brightly glowing fireball with a streamer. In the place of the ball falling there started a big fire, lasting for about one hour. An expedition group, investigating this territory, noticed a platform 2 to 2 metres with some signs of high temperature exposure. Fragments of rock on it were covered with black film with some tarnish marks, and the platform itself – with black ashes.There were remains of a burnt tree, which had turned into porous coal, which is not typical of a forest fire. There were metal drops found in the ashes as well as black glass-like grains weighing up to 30 milligrams, and also unusal noncoherent net-like grains.

(Price for one person: 43 700 rub.)


Tungussky meteorite

The epicentrum of Tungussky meteorite
on the river Podkamennaya Tunguska in Krasnoyarsky regon, Russia.
At about seven in the morning over the territory of Enisey’s basin in Russia, from the south-east to the north-west there flew a big fire ball. The flight finished with the explosion in the altitude of 7-10 kilometers above an uninhabited area of taiga. The explosion waves were placed on record by observatories all over the world, including those in the Western hemisphere. As a result, trees were striken down on the territory of more than 2000 kilometers, windows were broken down hundreds of kilometers away from the epicentrum of the explosion. Several days after the explosion people could still see intensive glowing of the sky and glowing clouds in the territory from the Atlantic to central Siberia. No substance elements of the meteorite in any significant amount were to be found, however, there were found microscopic silicate lodestone balls, as well as heightened amount of some elements, proving the space-borne nature of the substance.
You will have a closer look at Siberia, watching its nature. Also it is an exciting impression – to visit a place, where some time ago, having passed billions of kilometers, something from other worlds fell down. Nobody knows, what is in store for you…
(Price for one person: 57 500 rub.)



Exploring dolmens and caves,
Krasnodarsky region, Russia

Dolmens are stone constructions, built in the 4th – 2nd millennium BC (there are different dates suggested), nobody knows by whom or what for. These are constructions made of massive sandstone platforms. They are cavated in rocks, usually having a portal (a doorway).

It’s up to you to decide whether you believe in some energy existing in dolmens or not..

(Price for one person: 25 600 rub.)


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About our Tours

Well, you do understand that scientific tourism is hardly something like a vacation on the sandy beaches (although sometimes our tours have something similar with that kind of travelling). Scientific tourism gives you the opportunity to experience the spirit of the research process, the spirit of the expedition and for some people even to get extreme feelings.